Dry & Damaged Skin.


Silky-Smooth Healthy Skin!

The news is OUT!

We have designed, with all the credit to mother nature, an acne regimen so good for your skin that it will BEG you for more! Our breakthrough blend of essential oils and proprietary ingredients REMOVE & PREVENT  ACNE while leaving your skin as smooth as silk, and always without the dryness that all other acne medicines give you! 

Shine Bright, Not Bleached

Ever notice how the leading acne products literally bleach your clothes? And they expect that to go on our FACE? 

Those days are OVER! PürGenX is designed with ingredients created and approved by mother nature instead of a scientist at a lab!

Other leading acne treatments are made with harsh acids and chemicals that literally DRY-OUT your skin to mask your acne problem instead of preventing it. Just like You, we thought that was backwards thinking. Who wants to treat a problem by making it worse?

That’s why we took Mother Nature’s guidance by using her best ingredients to make your skin’s new best friend! Leave your skin feeling embraced by nature all day long with our 100% organic formulation! 

The days of having bleached clothes and
bleached skin are long-gone now.


Tea Tree Oil

This natural oil works as a solvent to break up tough clogs in your pores. It is also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help reduce redness of your acne and keep the pores clear harmful bacteria that cause acne.

Witch Hazel

This organic astringent naturally draws out excessive oil from the pores while shrinking them to prevent acne from happening.


This organic oil has anti fungal properties that soothe the skin and restore pigments for an even skin tone.